What is a diabetic alert dog?
A diabetic alert dog is a dog that uses his/her heightened sense of smell to detect changes in the scent of a diabetics saliva to determine if they are at a good blood sugar level. If their handler is at an alert-worthy level, they will bump the person's hand with their nose. 

How are they trained?
Our diabetic alert dogs are trained by using scent training. The trainers we are partnered with follow a very specific training process to ensure the dogs will alert at their handlers specific high and low blood sugar levels. They are also trained in public access and obedience.  

What is a night alert?
A night alert is when a diabetic alert dog wakes his handler up when he detects a change in their blood sugar. All diabetic alert dogs by us will be trained in specific "real life" situations, especially in their night alerts.

How are your diabetic alert dogs selected?
Using the information from the application as well as phone conversations, we sort through dogs in a large number of rescues, shelters, and humane societies to find the right match for each applicant. Dogs are selected based on age, temperament, food motivations, nose, and size, as well as other stated attributes (such as coat and breed/mix) when possible.

How will my diabetic alert dog alert?
The standard alert taught for our diabetic alert dogs is to paw the diabetic or handler.  This is used because it is quiet, it is subtle, and it does not require other tools (bells, etc). This works well for adults and most children over the age of 10-12. We have used other methods, such as doorbells, based on the specific needs of the applicant.

What does a diabetic alert dog cost?
Diabetic Alert Dogs have traditionally required a significant investment of about $20,000. However, due to a different but proven approach to scent training and obedience training, the Michiana Service Dogs diabetic alert dogs cost $15,000, a fraction of the price of other organizations.

How long will I have to wait?
After we locate the correct dog for you from our large network of shelters and rescues, the dog will be ready in an average of 3 to 4 months (depending on the needs of the dog). Based on the number of applicants that may be in the process and your specific requirements, there may be a wait until we can find the best dog for you.

What experience does your company have in dog training?
Our trainer has been training dogs  for over 20 years.  Our trainers also attended and completed 36 hours of training specifically focusing on how to train scent work with Diabetic Alert Dogs.  A proven method that has been used for many years training government and military dogs.

How are the diabetic alert dogs trained?
The training methodologies have been in use for over 20 years. The dogs are immersed in socialization and obedience training immediately, using live household activities as well as daily “errands” (grocery stores, restaurants, libraries, etc) to condition them for the appropriate behavior. ​They are also alert trained immediately with specific “high” and “low” samples from the recipient.

How will the dogs be certified/registered?
Currently, there is no law requiring certification or registry of service dogs.  Our dogs will come with an ID card that has ADA laws printed on the back side of it.

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