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Serving, Elkhart, IN  and surrounding areas


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Service Dog Options 

While we would love to  find rescues that have the right personality, drive & size it is often difficult.  We have decided for the safety and well being of all families we will be using  dogs that come from long lines of proven service dogs and health tests.   We train the dogs in service work, obedience and public access. We offer lifetime follow up training support for the team.  The handler would be required to come to our location for three days of transitional reinforcement training- 

Our service dog program is $15,000.00 for Diabetic Alert Dogs.   While this is a substantial dollar amount we are confident that in researching other companies you will find  this to a fraction of the cost other traditional companies are charging for their dogs.  By using our highly specialized training program,  we are able to offer quality trained, diabetic alert dogs for a much less daunting price than other traditional diabetic alert dog companies. Other companies can range anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000 for their diabetic alert dogs.  Being a Type 1 family ourselves we understand the financial obligations there are to meet the medical needs of your loved ones.  

We offer a payment plan with Option #1 -  $1500.00 deposit and we will work with each family to come up with a plan that works for your needs.

Diabetic Alert Dog Option #2: We team up with dedicated handlers and work with them to train their own dog for scent work and we can also add in coaching for public access and obedience if the team is within a reasonable drive to Elkhart, IN

  Inquire for more details-

Service Dog Option #3 If you already have a good candidate, you can consider our board and training program- after an evaluation we will train your dog for scent, obedience and public access- 

Our fee's are $2500.00 a month plus food and preventatives. The dog would need to be brought to our home/training facility. 

Typical training period for this option is estimated to take 4 - 5 months.

 Group Workshops:

Michiana Service Dog clients are welcome to join our on-going training workshops.  Our teams have fun while learning about service work, obedience, public access and ADA Laws.  We also spend time troubleshooting and how to train new behaviors.  

We provide a lifetime support training guarantee!  
Feel free to complete a no-obligation application and or call us directly at 574-607-3245 ask for Christina, if you would like more information.